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Just ask, Ren

Transform Your Energy,
Transform Your Life

Hi, I’m Ren,  Messenger and Energetic Healer behind Immersive Peace. I believe that when we are open to healing, we can bring a sense of inner peace that radiates through every aspect of our lives. As a public speaker, I’m passionate about sharing messages that empower others to step outside their comfort zones to achieve their goals. As an energy healer, I leverage my gifts to help people connect with their inner calm and let go of feelings of anxiety, fear, and stress. Let me help you achieve the calm and peace you deserve.

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Generator - The Life Force
Here to lift the energy of the world.

Libra - Sun
Taurus - Moon
Taurus - Rising

Life Path Number 6
Responsibility + Awareness

Life Purpose
The gift of Inspiration

Blue Electric Monkey
Guided by the power of vision.

6 of Clubs
Higher Purpose, psychic, responsibility to truth/messenger

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